Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any additional charges i.e. deposits, taxes, etc. to rent a storage unit at Berinie's?

No, you are responsible for paying the amount of your rent for your unit. However, if your payment is received late, there is a late fee added to your payment applicable to the storage location.

What are the procedures for moving out of my storage unit?

You are required to give twenty (20) days written notice prior to your projected move out date. Text our company phone number (509-539-6517) that the unit is vacant, clean, and rent ready. Do not leave trash at the site, take it with you, and do not leave items in or around your storage unit or you will be charged a $100 clean out fee.

What is my balance?

You should be aware of your own balance. Calls pertaining to balances, require the employees of Bernie's Mini Storages to be pulled from other assignments which are necessary to complete. Please keep track of your balances.

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